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Health and Benefits Insurance

When a national Health and benefits organization decided to develop optimized services to customers, Swan & Associates Inc. provided the change management, project management, and designs to drive the benefits to the company.   The project included designing and optimizing the three resource assets of the company; people; processes; and technology.  Ultimately the project outcomes allowed for a complete transition from a small work-group oriented company, to a national transaction based utility that now offers services to other health and benefit companies across Canada.

Merger and Acquisition Based Network Integration

Companies today need to focus on the bottom line of costs, and the ability to move forward with services when opportunities arise.  Swan % Associates was asked to help an organization that was in growth mode through acquisitions, while still trying to develop best of breed support practices within their core organizations.  Technology and networks were managed as they had been in the past, and were in need of updating, optimizing, and preparation for the development of a central IT shared services for support. 
Our team of network engineers and security specialists developed an action plan that initially stabilized the existing services, while designing for the growth of future acquisitions.  Company goals of optimizing costs, stabilizing services, and developing inter-company governance has been successful in focusing shared services for growth and acquisition.  From network engineering to VoIP communications foundationsbuilding, the project focused on bringing secure and supportable services to state of the art best practices.

Business development and Commercialization

In any organization that is on the forefront of technology, the ability to take excellent ground-breaking ideas to market, is always a prime importance.   Swan & Associates Inc. personnel have been asked in many such organization life cycles, to help management drive their solutions and products forward into commercialization.  From market segmentation to partner development, we have been to driving force that has brought companies to market, developed long lasting and profitable partner programs, and driven the bottom line to reach company goals.   Several of these projects have included internationalizing solutions for global companies and finding funding, developing, and setting up the organizations for multi-national sales and services.  Our client list is growing and developing their solutions across markets in Canada, the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

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